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Hokkaido Summer Institute Site Policy


This Website is managed by Secretariat for Hokkaido Summer Institute (hereinafter “HSI”) which is placed in the Hokkaido University Academic Affairs Department for the purpose of providing information about Hokkaido University in accordance with the site policy indicated on this page. Those accessing and using this site are regarded as having agreed to this policy. The policy is subject to change without notice. Users are regarded as having agreed to the changes when they access and use this site for the first time after having read this notice.


While every effort is made to provide accurate information and to ensure security, Hokkaido University does not guarantee the contents of this Website to be free of errors. Hokkaido University disclaims any liability for errors and omissions or for any damages that may result from using this Website or its contents.
The URL and content of each page in our Website is subject to change or deletion without prior notice. We are not responsible for any troubles resulting from linking to this Website.
While this Website may contain links to other Websites that are not operated or controlled by Hokkaido University, we do not guarantee or claim responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided on or the safety of external Websites.


The copyright of the content of this Website, e.g. documents, materials and images, belongs to Hokkaido University unless otherwise stated. The content of the Web pages without specifying licenses and the methods for utilization, in particular, is available for non-profit and educational purposes or to the extent permitted by law. The secondary use of the content of this Website for commercial purposes, e.g. copying, reproduction, diversion and sales, is strictly prohibited.

Personal Information

In the event that personal information is collected through this Website, the intended use of the information will be clarified and the information will not be used for other purposes. With prior approval and consent, however, the information may be disclosed if the disclosure is required by law or necessary in the public interest.


If your Website does not fall into the categories below, you are welcome to link to this Website.

  • Websites that are offensive to public order and morals or that go against social ethics
  • Websites that provide possibly illegal information
  • Websites that disguise themselves as or spoof this Website
  • Other Websites that run counter to the interests of Hokkaido University
  • Websites that are run for profit purposes

In principle, HSI official sites are link-free and do not require prior permission from this university. As the case may be, the content and the URLs on this university’s official sites can be changed or invalidated without notice. However, this university shall not be responsible for any problems or compensation for damage such links may accrue.


If you have any questions, opinions or requests concerning this Website, please contact the Secretariat.

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