Application Outline / Important Notice

This section is for all prospective applicants.

Application Outline

Application Categories

Before you start your online application, please check which student category you belong to.

1. Current HU students

If you are currently enrolled in Hokkaido University, please refer to Information for Hokkaido University Students page.

2. Current students

If you are currently enrolled in a university or a graduate school as a degree program student in Japan and abroad, please refer to Application Guidelines for Current Students.

3. Non-students

If you are high school graduates/ university graduates, please refer to Application Guidelines for Non-Students


HSI 2023 will offer around 350 courses ranging from undergraduate student level to adults level.
You can combine courses according to your major and interests.

Types of courses

Advanced Research Course
This course offers cutting-edge classes in specific areas of expertise. As lecturers include many researchers from overseas universities and other institutions, their lectures include content that can only be studied at HSI. The lecturers also include researchers in Japan at the forefront of their fields.

Global Liberal Arts Course

This course offers classes in interdisciplinary fields and those with liberal arts elements. It requires no expertise and is open to students from a wide array of academic backgrounds, such as liberal arts and the sciences.

HSI extension/professional Program
This program offers courses for working adults to engage in re-learning as well as the acquisition and development of expertise. Those who have successfully completed the program will be issued a digital badge. Please note that although students are also eligible to attend this program, they cannot earn credits for the courses taught in Japanese.


June -October 2023
Many of the courses are 1 week-2 weeks in length.


・Degree-program students at universities [Current students]

・High school graduates/ University graduates [Non-students]

Credit (for current students)

1 credit or 2 credits will be awarded upon completion of each course.

Please note that students can’t earn credits for HSI extension/professional program in Japanese.

Digital badge (for non-students)

Digital badges will be awarded upon completion of each course.


For details, please refer to “Fees and Payments” webpage.

Application Period

March 6, 12pm[JST] – March 15, 5pm[JST], 2023
*For additional application and more details, please refer to the application guideline.


HSI2023 offer a discount plan for HSI participants at hotels near Hokkaido University.  (Updated: March 22)

Handling of Personal Information

1) All personal information collected by Hokkaido University (hereinafter referred to as “the University”) will be completely protected in compliance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, the EU’s General Data Production Regulation (hereinafter referred to as “GDPR”), and other related acts and pursuant to the Hokkaido University Personal Information Management Regulations.

2) Names, addresses, and other personal information provided to the University through the application process will be used solely for (a) enrollee selection, (b) the announcement of exam results, (c) admission purposes, (d) surveys and research on enrollee selection methods, and (e) related processes.

3) Personal information obtained through the application process will be used only for those who are admitted for (a) school administration purposes (student registration, etc.), (b) student support services (health management, participation in events, etc.), and (c) tuition and accommodation fees, and other administrative purposes.

4) The University also collects technical visitor information on the website, such as the date and time of access, the domain from which access is made, and the cookies (small information file stored on the hard drive of the computer used to access a website.) This information is not linked to individuals and cannot be used trace the identity of a visitor. The data collected and stored is used for statistical analysis of site usage and enhancement of the website.

5) Some of these processes may be outsourced by the University to a contracted service provider (hereinafter referred to as “the Contractor”). All or some of the personal information provided by applicants may be provided to the Contractor only as needed to perform the tasks for which it has been contracted.

-GDPR Privacy Policy

6) The University processes applicants’ personal data with their consent. (GDPR, Article 6, Paragraph 1 (a)).

7) The consent set forth in 6) may be revoked at any time. However, it will not affect the lawfulness of their personal data that has already been processed with their consent prior to the revoke.

8) Personal data collected will be kept for 10 years counting from the subsequent fiscal year (from April to -March) after the fiscal year their data was collected.

9) Data subjects (individuals whose personal data is collected, held and processed) have the following rights as stated in GDPR, as well as other related laws and regulations:
To access their personal data / To have their inaccurate personal data corrected/ To have their personal data deleted where appropriate/ To restrict the processing of their personal data / To object to the processing of their personal data/ To transfer their personal data to third-party entities.

10) If they are not happy with the way their personal data is handled, or the response they received from the University, they have the right to file a complaint to a supervisory authority defined in GDPR (Article 51, Paragraph 1).

11) The University is governed by the Incorporated Administrative Agency (IAA) Personal Information Protection Act. The European Commission’s adequacy decision is not applicable to the University.