Application Guidelines for Current Students

This section is for non-Hokkaido University students in Japan and abroad.
Hokkaido University students do not have to submit applications; they are advised to click
Information for Hokkaido University students at the top of the website for more information.

Application Guidelines for Current Students

Hokkaido University (HU) accepts applications from currently enrolled students who wish to take courses in the Hokkaido Summer Institute (HSI) program. As there is no limit to the number of courses applicants can choose, they are able to combine courses according to their own majors and interests. They will be admitted as special auditors based on the evaluation of application documents by relevant course supervisors.
Enrollment periods of successful applicants are designated for individual courses. Course participants (special auditors) who pass the course examinations will be awarded credits for them.
*Information concerning applications and courses is subject to change.


Advanced Research Course:

This course offers cutting-edge classes in specific areas of expertise. As lecturers include many researchers from overseas universities and other institutions, their lectures include content that can only be studied at HSI. The lecturers also include researchers in Japan at the forefront of their fields.

Global Liberal Arts Course:

This course offers classes in interdisciplinary fields and those with liberal arts elements. It requires no expertise and is open to students from a wide array of academic backgrounds, such as liberal arts and the sciences.

HSI extension/professional program:

This program offers courses for working adults to engage in re-learning as well as the acquisition and development of expertise. Please note that although students are also eligible to attend this program, digital badge is awarded instead of credits for the courses taught in Japanese. Also different amount of tuition fee is applied for the courses in Japanese.

1. Application Eligibility

In order to be considered for the HSI Program, undergraduate or graduate student applicants must meet all the following requirements:

  1. 1) Applicants must be enrolled in a university or a graduate school as degree-program students at the time of application and during the HSI program period.
    • * For applicants who are high school/university graduates or working adults, please refer to the Application Guidelines for Non-Students.
  2. 2) Applicants must have the English proficiency necessary to understand and participate in the course(s) they wish to take.
  3. 3) Applicants must meet the prerequisites indicated in the syllabus of course(s) they wish to take.
  4. Important Note: Only for students participating in HSI from outside Japan
    Successful applicants, who are overseas residents and plan to come to Japan and take face-to-face courses, are required to take out insurance covering medical expenses and liability during their stay at Hokkaido University, and submit a copy of the insurance policy by the designated deadline after receiving a notification of acceptance. They are not able to take courses without submitting a copy of their insurance policy by the deadline.

2. Online Application Process

  1. Before the Online Application Starts:
  2. 1) Read the application guidelines.
  3. 2) Browse the course information (syllabus and schedule) on each course page and choose course(s).
  4. 3) Prepare your application documents.
  5. During the Online Application Period:
  6. 4) Go to the “Application for Admission” page to create your account.
  7. 5) Log in to your account page and fill out the online application form.
  8. 6) Follow the instructions on the application page and upload all required documents.
    Application guidance notes will be available on the website prior to the start of application.

    •   Application Guidance Notes
    *Information for HSI2023 is coming soon.
    • Note:
      Applications are considered complete once all documents have been accepted as valid by Hokkaido University.

    3. Application Documents

    Application documents shall be written in English, unless otherwise specified. Insufficient and/or incomplete documents WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED for application.

      1. 1) Application Form
        Answer all of the questions on the online application form. Applicants who wish to check the contents of the application form before applying online can download the application form below.
        For overseas current students
        For current students in Japan
      2. 2) Photo
        Front-facing, upper body, no hat; 354 x 295 pixels
      3. 3) Official certificate of student status
        showing 1) the date of enrollment and 2) the duration of study or the expected graduation date at home institution. Applicants who are unable to obtain a certificate meeting the above requirements may use a certificate form and obtain a certificate from the academic affairs department at their university.

        ≪Important note: University enrollment at the time of HSI2023 participation≫
        Even if applicants are enrolled in university at the time of application, those not enrolled as regular students when taking HSI2023 courses may not apply as undergraduate or graduate students.
        However, those who are scheduled to graduate from their current university after April 1, 2023, and plan to enter graduate school by October 1, 2023, will be allowed to apply as a graduate student by submitting their current certificate of enrollment and certificate of passing the entrance examination of the school they plan to enter (alternatively, a copy of the acceptance letter). Please note that even if applicants meet the relevant requirements, those who do not submit a certificate of acceptance from the school they plan to go to, including cases where the school they will go to is undecided, will not be able to apply as university students.
      4. 4) Official academic transcript
        • * Only for applicants who take courses with the indication This course requires an academic transcript at the time of application” on “Additional Information” of the course page.
        • showing 1) subjects, 2) grades, and 3) grading criteria for at least one academic year* prior to the application.
        • * Students in the 1st year of the Master’s (Ph.D.) course are required to submit the transcript of the Bachelor’s (Master’s) course.
      5. 5) Official English proficiency test certificate [Non-native English speaking applicants only]
        Applicants must submit a score certificate listed below.

        TOEIC Listening & Reading, TOEIC IP, TOEFL iBT, TOEFL ITP, IELTS,
        The EIKEN Test in Practical English Proficiency

        ≪Important note≫
        Applicants who do not have scores for the above tests must take the Duolingo English Test.

        ■Duolingo English Test
        This is an English proficiency test you can take online. Results are provided in two days.
        For more information, please visit the website below.

        Score certificates for English proficiency tests not listed above, including the tests listed below, will not be accepted under any circumstances.

        TOEIC Speaking &Writing Tests,TOEIC Speaking Test,TOEIC Bridge Test

        ≪Important note≫
        ■Applicants who have received (or are receiving) university/graduate school education in English
        Applicants who have received (or are receiving) university/graduate school education in English are exempted from submitting the above score sheet by submitting official documents showing that the applicant has received university/graduate school education in English issued by the university: Medium of Instruction certificate (MI).

        ≪Medium of Instruction certificate (MI)≫
        This is proof that students have completed (or are enrolled in) a regular university/graduate school degree program offered in English only. If the academic transcript or graduate certificate states that the university/graduate school education was conducted in English, students may use it as an MI certificate.
        If the applicants’ university do not issue an official MI certificate, they will need to ask their university to issue a certificate stating that the entire curriculum at their university (graduate school) is conducted in English.

      6. 6) *Japanese proficiency certificate/**Documents to show Japanese language learning history
        • – Japanese language proficiency test certificate
        • – Other certificates that HSI accepts as application documents
        • * This requirement applies only to non-native Japanese speaking applicants who apply for courses offered in the HSI extension/professional program in Japanese.
        • ** This requirement applies only to non-native Japanese speaking applicants who apply for Japanese grammar courses. If you have no learning experience, please mention it on application form. (Updated: March 3)
      7. 7) Copy of passport
        • * Only for applicants who plan to come to Japan and take face-to-face courses.
      8. 8) Copy of student ID card with photo[Residents in Japan and applicants applying for the online course only]
        • * Only for applicants who plan to take courses fully online.
        • * If your student ID does not have a photo, please submit a copy of another ID with a photo.
      9. 9) Written consent to enroll in Hokkaido Summer Institute [Applicants who are residents in Japan only]
        Click here for a sample form

    4. Program Fee

    Application Fee Entrance Fee Tuition Fee
    None None 1credit
    14,800 JPY
    29,600 JPY
    • – The fees for working adults apply to courses offered in Japanese in the HSI extension/professional program, even if the enrollee is a student.
    • – Before applying for courses offered in Japanese in the HSI extension/professional program, please contact the Hokkaido Summer Institute Managing Section.

    Payment of the program fee
    Applicants granted permission for admission will be notified of the deadline for program fees (including accommodation fee, if applicable) payment. Program fees are payable by credit card. Program fees that have already been paid are non-refundable. If applicants fail to pay the program fee within the designated period, their permission will be canceled.

    Exemption for tuition fee
    Those who enroll as exchange students from Hokkaido University (HU)’s partner universities outside Japan with which HU has concluded a memorandum of understanding on mutual tuition waivers are waived the tuition fees at HU. They must inform the relevant office at their home institution about their application before submitting application. Check the list of HU’s partner universities.

    Inter-University Agreements
    Departmental Agreements

    Those who enroll as exchange students from HU’s partner institutions based on departmental exchange agreements are required to take at least one course organized by the HU department which their institution has concluded the agreement with.

    5. Application Period

    Application Period Courses Available
    Application Period March 6-15 All courses
    1st Additional Application April 7-13 Residents in Japan:
    All courses

    Overseas residents:
    All Courses starting on or after July 1
    2nd Application Application June 1-7 All Courses starting on or after August 1
    3rd Additional Application July 3-10 All courses starting on or after September 1


    • ・Application submission opens at 12:00 on the first day and closes at 17:00 on the last day of the application period. [Japan Standard Time]
    • ・Students who require a visa to enter Japan:
      It takes at least about two months from receiving Screening Result Notice to the visa issuance. Applicants applying during the additional application period are therefore advised to ensure that they will be able to obtain a visa in time for the start of classes.

    6. Accommodation

    HSI2023 offer a discount plan for HSI participants at hotels near Hokkaido University.  For more details, please visit the Accommodations / Campus Facilities page. (Updated: March 22)

    7. Steps after Submitting the Online Application

    Applications submitted online will be screened to select successful applicants for the courses. Applicants will receive a pass/fail notification for each course approximately one month after the application deadline. Prospective enrollees will be asked to confirm their intent to enroll and also receive such information as the tuition fee payment deadline and the availability of accommodation arranged by Hokkaido University.
    Prospective enrollees will also have their own “My Page” on the website, where the following information, needed for HSI2023 attendance, will be provided.

    -Registered information (Personal information, courses, accommodation, etc.)
    -Payment (including accommodation fee arranged by HU)
    -Request for invitation letter (For visa application)
    -Student handbook (HSI participation guideline)
    -Event information

    Steps after completing application
    1) Receive the result of screening.

    Application Deadline Screening Result Notice and
    Confirmation of Intent to Enroll
    Application Period March 15 Around the middle of April
    1st Additional Application April 13 Around the middle of May
    2nd Application June 7 Around the beginning of July
    3rd Additional Application July 10 Around the beginning of August

    2) 【Important】We will once again confirm each applicant’s intention of enrollment as “Enrollment Confirmation” within the designated period.

    • * It will be assumed that those failing to complete their “Enrollment Confirmation” do not intend to enroll, and we will cancel their permission to take courses.
    • * Those who wish to cancel their enrollment after “Enrollment Confirmation” should notify us of their intentions by e-mail.
    • * Those who live in Japan will not be subject to any special procedures after “Enrollment Confirmation” and up until payment of the program fee.

    3) 【Only for applicants who are overseas residents and plan to come to take a face-to-face course】
    Start admission procedures on “My Page.” (visa documents request, etc.)

    4) Pay tuition and accommodation fees on “My Page.”

    Tuition & Accommodation Fee
    Payment Period
    Students who start their studies in June End of April
    Students who start their studies in July Beginning of June
    Students who start their studies in August End of June
    Students who start their studies in September Beginning of August
    Students who start their studies in October End of August

    *A detailed schedule will be sent by email.

    5) Make travel arrangements. (visa, flights, accommodations, etc.)
    *Only for applicants who plan to come to Japan and take face-to-face courses.
    6) Buy insurance. (mandatory)
    *Only for applicants who live outside Japan and plan to come to Japan and take face-to-face courses.
    7) Register necessary information on “My Page.”
    8) Participate in the HSI 2023 program.

    Visa, Air ticket, Insurance, and Accommodations【Only for applicants who are overseas residents】

    – Visa
    Program participants who stay in Japan for up to 90 days will require short-term visas, with the exception of those from countries and regions with which Japan has visa exemption arrangements. Overseas applicants should be sure to check the list of such countries and regions on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website below before submitting application documents. Successful applicants who need to apply for a visa will be informed of the necessary procedures once they are granted permission for admission.

    – Air ticket
    Program participants, who plan to come to Japan and take face-to-face courses, must submit a copy of the e-ticket for the flight to Japan and back on “My Page” before paying the tuition and accommodation fees.

    – Insurance
    Program participants, who plan to come to Japan and take face-to-face courses, must take out travel insurance to cover possible accidents, injuries, illnesses or other incidents irrespective of their period of stay. Hokkaido University is not responsible for any unforeseen contingencies in which they may be involved. As such, they must follow the necessary procedures prior to departure from their country. Their insurance must cover death and medical care expenses due to sickness as well as accidental injury. Personal liability must also be covered by insurance in the event of an accident that results in injury or property damage for which they will be held legally responsible.

    8. Points to Note

    1. 1) In principle, applicants may not add or change courses after submitting their application. Therefore, applicants should carefully consider their course selections before applying.
      However, applicants who are Japanese nationals or residents in Japan, or those who are overseas residents and applying for online courses may add courses during the additional application period.
    2. 2) Applications are screened by faculty members in charge of the relevant courses, and the screening method differs by course. When capacity is reached, some courses may not accept applications in the additional application period.
    3. 3) Each course has a designated level. Before submitting an application, applicants should check the table below to see which level’s courses they can take:
    Master’s students Ph.D. students
    check mark check mark check mark
    check mark check mark
    check mark check mark
    check mark

    1. 4) Successful applicants may be contacted by relevant course instructors before classes start.
    2. 5) Successful applicants who fail to confirm their intent to enroll and/or to pay tuition fees by the designated deadline are deemed as having decided not to enroll in the program and therefore cannot take courses.
    3. 6) Successful applicants who decide to cancel all or part of their courses after submitting an application should contact the Hokkaido Summer Institute Managing Section via the Inquiry Form or e-mail. Please note that paid fees (including accommodation fee) are non-refundable unless the program is cancelled by Hokkaido University.
      – Successful applicants who have become unable to enroll in HSI2023 for reasons beyond their control are asked to contact the Hokkaido Summer Institute Managing Section.
    4. 7) Hokkaido Summer Institute reserves the right to cancel the course due to unforeseen and/or unavoidable circumstances. In this case, any expenses incurred other than tuition and accommodation fees will not be reimbursed. Applicants should keep this in mind when making travel arrangements.
    5. 8) In Hokkaido University, measures against infectious diseases will be taken in accordance with the guidelines established by Hokkaido University. If there is a change in the responses of the Government of Japan and Hokkaido University due to the spread of COVID-19 infection in the future, the implementation method may change.

    9. Handling of Personal Information

    1. 1) All personal information collected by Hokkaido University (hereinafter referred to as “the University”) will be completely protected in compliance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, the EU’s General Data Production Regulation (hereinafter referred to as “GDPR”), and other related acts and pursuant to the Hokkaido University Personal Information Management Regulations.
    2. 2) Names, addresses, and other personal information provided to the University through the application process will be used solely for (a) enrollee selection, (b) the announcement of exam results, (c) admission purposes, (d) surveys and research on enrollee selection methods, and (e) related processes.
    3. 3) Personal information obtained through the application process will be used only for those who are admitted for (a) school administration purposes (student registration, etc.), (b) student support services (health management, participation in events, etc.), and (c) tuition and accommodation fees, and other administrative purposes.
    4. 4) The University also collects technical visitor information on the website, such as the date and time of access, the domain from which access is made, and the cookies (small information file stored on the hard drive of the computer used to access a website.) This information is not linked to individuals and cannot be used trace the identity of a visitor. The data collected and stored is used for statistical analysis of site usage and enhancement of the website.
    5. 5) Some of these processes may be outsourced by the University to a contracted service provider (hereinafter referred to as “the Contractor”). All or some of the personal information provided by applicants may be provided to the Contractor only as needed to perform the tasks for which it has been contracted.
    6. -GDPR Privacy Policy
    7. 6) The University processes applicants’ personal data with their consent. (GDPR, Article 6, Paragraph 1 (a)).
    8. 7) The consent set forth in 6) may be revoked at any time. However, it will not affect the lawfulness of their personal data that has already been processed with their consent prior to the revoke.
    9. 8) Personal data collected will be kept for 10 years counting from the subsequent fiscal year (from April to -March) after the fiscal year their data was collected.
    10. 9) Data subjects (individuals whose personal data is collected, held and processed) have the following rights as stated in GDPR, as well as other related laws and regulations:
      To access their personal data / To have their inaccurate personal data corrected/ To have their personal data deleted where appropriate/ To restrict the processing of their personal data / To object to the processing of their personal data/ To transfer their personal data to third-party entities.
    11. 10) If they are not happy with the way their personal data is handled, or the response they received from the University, they have the right to file a complaint to a supervisory authority defined in GDPR (Article 51, Paragraph 1).
    12. 11) The University is governed by the Incorporated Administrative Agency (IAA) Personal Information Protection Act. The European Commission’s adequacy decision is not applicable to the University.

    10. Application Guidelines (for download)