Daily Life

Do you offer transportation services between the university and the airport?

No, we do not offer such services between the university and the airport.
For the information on the access to HU campus, see Access to HU campus webpage.

What should I do if I get sick on campus?

The Health Care Center on campus offers free medical services. For more information, see the Health Care Center webpage.

Should I bring Japanese yen with me?

It is hard to say because that depends on the duration of your stay and how you plan to spend your time in Japan. However, you can rest assured if you have Japanese yen with you. This is because you will have to pay full medical expenses in cash (Japanese yen) if you get sick or injured and receive medical care, and because eateries and some other facilities at Hokkaido University accept only Japanese yen. Furthermore, all public transport systems accept only Japanese yen, except JR railway services, which accept credit card payment.

New Chitose Airport has currency exchange services and ATMs from which you can withdraw Japanese yen. Refer to the webpage below for bank names, opening hours and other details.

Information of foreign exchange services and ATMs in Sapporo

Please note that handling fees are charged when you withdraw Japanese yen, and that exchange rates vary by bank and from day to day.

May I work part-time while participating in this program?

No. You are not allowed to engage in any remunerative activities regardless of whether or not you have a visa. For more information, see the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

Is it better for me to bring my own PC?

Some courses require participants to use PCs, so check the webpages describing the details of the courses you wish to take. If your desired courses do not require the use of PCs, the decision is up to individual participants. Participants in the HSI program may use the PCs in Hokkaido University (HU)’s libraries. However, the number of such PCs and hours of availability are limited, so it may be better to bring your own PC with you if you want to use a PC outside the opening hours of the libraries. For more information on HU’s libraries, see the Libraries section on the Daily Life webpage.
It should also be noted that Sapporo has numerous 24-hour Internet cafés, although fees are charged for their use.

Which airport is nearest to Hokkaido University?

New Chitose Airport. http://www.new-chitose-airport.jp/en/

Do you offer social events for participants in the HSI program?

Event information is updated on HSI official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Event reports are also available there.
Hokkaido Summer Institute (HSI) participants can refer to the updated event information on “My Page”.
■ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hokkaidosummerinstitute/
■ Twitter: @Hokkaido_SI
■ Instagram: hokkaido_si