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One credit or two credits will be awarded upon completion of each course. One credit awarded by a university in Japan is equivalent to 45 hours of student workload, which includes 15-30 hours of lectures and seminars, or 30-45 hours of laboratory work and practical training.

Credit Transfer

Students wishing to have the credits they earn during the HSI program recognized by their home institutions are strongly recommended to obtain approval from the relevant supervisor and the academic affairs office at their home institution before applying for admission to the program. They must also check the procedures and documents necessary for credit transfer before application.

Academic Transcripts

Academic transcripts are available on demand. Those wishing to have their academic transcript issued are advised to submit a request to the International Education Planning Section using “My Page” (the personal information section), which will become available after one’s acceptance to HSI.

Grading System

Hokkaido University applies the following criteria of grade point system.

● Graduate Students

Grade Quality of Achievement Points
AA Excellent 100-90
A Very Good 89-80
B Good 79-70
C Satisfactory 69-60
Failure/ No credit 59-

● Undergraduate Students

Grade Quality of Achievement Points
 A+ Excellent 100-95
A 94-90
 A Very Good 89-85
 B+ 84-80
B Good 79-75
 B 74-70
 C+ Satisfactory 69-65
C 64-60
Failure/ No credit 59-

Digital badges: Applicable only to Non-Students

Non-Students will receive a digital badge* instead of credits for every course they are certified as having completed.

*What is a digital badge?

Digital badges, also known as open badges, are digital credentials that replace traditional paper certificates. Unlike paper certificates, digital badges are resistant to forgery or falsification and have thus earned the reputation of highly credible digital certificates. The digital proof of academic achievements allows earners to visualize and showcase their skills.

Digital badges issued by HSI are of international standard; thus, they are recognized everywhere, both within and beyond Japan.

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