Can I use accommodation in Hokkaido University?
No. It is difficult to secure rooms in the student dormitories at Hokkaido University for students who intend to stay for a short period of time, so participating students are expected to make their own arrangements for private accommodations.
Due to the lifting of COVID-19-related entry restrictions and the recent popularity of summer tourism in Hokkaido, commercial accommodations are expected to be crowded, so applicants should make reservations for accommodations well in advance, either at the time of application, or when considering application. In FY2023, there were cases of students who only started looking for accommodations just before coming to Japan and who then had difficulty securing accommodations, forcing them to pay for expensive accommodations. Information on commercial accommodations that have been used by past participants is available on the Accommodations / Campus Facilities webpage. Please refer to this information to make your accommodation arrangements.
Please note that use of the accommodations listed on the HSI website is not arranged by Hokkaido university, and the university is not responsible for reservations, cancellations, or any other problems concerning the accommodations.