Fees and Payments

Program & Other Fees Payment

This section is for non-Hokkaido University applicants in Japan and abroad.
Hokkaido University students are advised to click Information for Hokkaido University students at the top of the website for more information.

Program fee & Payment

● Current Students

1 Credit 2 Credit
All Courses * 14,800JPY 29,600JPY

*The fees for working adults (Non-Students) apply to courses offered in Japanese in the HSI extension/professional program, even if the enrollee is a student.

Details will be informed by e-mail to those who have been confirmed to attend the course after the application has been submitted. Please note that if the participation fee is not paid within the designated period, permission to attend the course will be cancelled. Payment will be made by credit card only. Please note that fees already paid are non-refundable.

● Working Adults (Non-Students)

1.5h × 8 classes 1.5h × 15 classes
Advanced Research Course 52,800JPY *1 67,600JPY *1
Global Liberal Arts Course 
HSI extension/professional program 38,000JPY or 76,000JPY *2 62,500JPY or 133,750JPY *2

*1 Please note that there are some courses with fees not shown in this table, so please refer to each course page for the course fees.

*2 The course fees for the HSI extension/professional program vary depending on the courses offered. Please refer to the each course pages on the website for the course fees.

Working adults (Non-Students) must pay the course fee at the time of application.  Payment will be made by credit card only. Please note that fees already paid are non-refundable.

● Students from Hokkaido University (HU)’ s partner institutions:
1. Those who enroll as exchange students from HU’ s partner institutions with which HU has concluded a memorandum of understanding on mutual tuition waivers are waived the program fees at HU. Although HSI does not require nominations from partner universities, applicants are advised to inform the relevant office at their home institution about their application before submitting application.
2. Those who enroll as exchange students from HU’s partner institutions based on departmental exchange agreements are required to take at least one course organized by the HU department which their institution has concluded the agreement with to be waved the program fees at HU. For example, if the graduate school they belong to has the agreement with Graduate School of Engineering at HU, they are required to take at least one course organized by Graduate School of Engineering.

Partner University List

Additional Fees

Some courses including field training will require additional fees (accommodation fees during the field training, travel expenses, etc.) For details, please check the course page you wish to take. Fees that will be required for courses will be collected in cash (Japanese yen) after participants arrive in Hokkaido, Japan. Accordingly, they should bring the necessary cash amount for fee payment.

Accommodation fees *Only for Students

HSI2023 offer a discount plan for HSI participants at hotels near Hokkaido University. Please refer to the Accommodations and University Facilities page for more information on accommodations. (Updated: March 22)

Cancellation Policy

<About cancellation>

Course cancellations will be accepted until the following date.

Students : By the time of tuition payment

Non-students : By the same day one month prior to the first day of course * If there is no same day, the day before the same day

ex) Applicants can cancel until June 10 if courses start on July 10. After the deadline, cancellation will be not accepted.

<Cancellation Fee>

No cancellation fee will be charged if cancellation is made before the above period.

After the above period, 100% of the program fee will be charged as cancellation fee.

The program fee is non-refundable for any reason.

However, the program fee may be refunded only if the student is unable to attend the course due to reasons beyond his/her control.