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About Visa / Insurance

About Visa / Insurance


Program participants who stay in Japan for up to 90 days will require short-term visas, with the exception of those from countries and regions with which Japan has visa exemption arrangements. Overseas applicants are advised to check the list of such countries and regions on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website below before submitting application documents. Those who are granted permission for admission and need to apply for a visa will be informed of the necessary procedures once their courses are determined.


Students who do not need a visa are not required to follow any particular procedures.
Please note that program participants are not allowed to engage in any remunerative activities regardless of whether or not they have a visa.


Program participants must take out insurance against possible accidents, injuries, illnesses or other incidents irrespective of their period of stay. Hokkaido University is not responsible for any unforeseen contingencies in which they may be involved. As such, they must follow the necessary procedures prior to departure from their country.