Application Method

Hokkaido University (HU) students do not have to submit applications on this website.
HU students just need to register for the HSI courses in the course registration period at the beginning of the semester/term. From March onwards, course numbers required on course registration will be updated in “HU students Course Code” on each course page.


Courses will be provided as Inter-Faculty Classes for undergraduate students, and as Inter-Graduate School Classes for graduate students. See the Course Page for further course information. By clicking the title of each course, you can move to each course page where detailed information (course description, syllabus, schedule, etc.) is available. From March onwards, detailed information including course number and course venue will be available on the website.
Some courses will also be offered as specialized courses of the organizing undergraduate/ graduate schools. For more information, please check the Course Number List (for undergraduate students) or the Course Number List (for graduate students) in March.
You may count a HSI course toward your degree credit. For details, please refer to your student handbook or consult the academic affairs office of your undergraduate/ graduate schools.

Course Catalog

Course Poster

School/Graduate School
of Humanities and Human Sciences
Faculty of Education Institute for the Advancement of Higher Education
U016 U016 U016 U016 U016

【School/Graduate School of Humanities and Human Sciences】
【Faculty of Education】
【Institute for the Advancement of Higher Education】


Tuition Fees

No extra tuition fee is charged. However, some courses require additional fees (e.g., for accommodation during field training); for details, please check the syllabuses of the courses you wish to take.
 The fees that will be required for courses will be collected in cash at a later date. Accordingly, students should prepare the necessary cash amount for fee payment.

Class Locations

Classroom information will be available on the Course Number List or each course page from April onward. However, only the information regarding classrooms on the first day will be provided. Classrooms may change for subsequent lectures. Please confirm the latest information in the first class of each course. (Some courses may be conducted over the Internet as online classes.)

Class Preparation Assignments

In some subjects, ELMS (Moodle lecture support system) is used for preliminary study. Be sure to confirm which course requires the preliminary study on the Course Number List or each course page. Information regarding preliminary study will be available around May. Please note that you must update the system’s My Profile to be able to use the system.

International Exchange Activities

Hokkaido Summer Institute Managing Section is planning to offer international exchange events for HU students and overseas students who participate in the HSI2021 program. In 2019, we held a Campus tour and a variety of Japanese cultural experience events.(To prevent the further spread of COVID-19 infections, Hokkaido Summer Institute has cancelled external candidate acceptance for 2020.)
If you are interested in organizing and/or joining such activities, please contact Hokkaido Summer Institute Managing Section using Contact Form.

Please check HSI official Facebook and Twitter for updated event information. Event reports are also available there.
■Twitter: @Hokkaido_SI