Academic Transcripts / Credit Transfer / Credits

Academic Transcripts / Credit Transfer / Credits

Academic Transcripts

Academic transcripts will be issued between late September and late October regardless of the course period because evaluation targets and grading methods differ by course. Students who need their academic transcripts earlier than this period for a specific reason, such as the need to submit them to their home institutions, and those who need original academic transcripts, should advise of such using the Inquiry Form.

Credit Transfer

Students wishing to have the credits they earn during the Hokkaido Summer Institute program recognized by their home institutions must obtain approval from the relevant supervisor at their home institution before applying for admission to the program. They must also check the procedures and documents necessary for credit transfer before application.


One credit awarded by a university in Japan is equivalent to 45 hours of student workload, which includes 15-30 hours of lectures and seminars, or 30-45 hours of labs, practical training, and practicals.